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Global Education for Sustainability (EFS) Networking

The Land Design Institute (LDI) has a vision of globally interconnected regional landlabs, sharing information about sustainability in their region, to enhance global understanding of sustainability; and in terms of P3 relationships, the interrelationships of people, prosperity and the planet. Since 2002, LDI has been building its global education for sustainability (EFS) network on Ball State’s Global Media Network.

Faculty and students working with the Institute have also been building digital tools to connect people to sustainable land based solutions. The LDI has also been developing its network of partners (regional, state, national and international) to build the Land Design Institute’s global EFS network that includes partnerships and consortia with sustainability partners within the U.S. and globally, starting with its Sustainability for the Americas network (SFTA) of sustainability consortia. 

LandLabs Integrated Classroom
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Sustainability for the Americas Network
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