Activities and Opportunities

When your field of study is architecture, the question is never “What is there to do?” but “How do I choose? There’s so much!” The answer? Choose as much as you can.

Your opportunities for involvement are almost limitless—from endeavors such as designing historically compatible, low-rise affordable housing prototypes to rebuilding a Sri Lankan village destroyed by a tsunami to developing best practices on how to create the best learning environments for charter schools.

As an architecture student, you can count on finding yourself in the field. The College of Architecture and Planning is broadly engaged in projects with hundreds of communities through numerous research and outreach programs. You can also explore the world by studying abroad, learning on field trips, digging deep in internships, and getting involved in student organizations.

On campus, interact with well-known professionals in the field. Find out what they think as they offer insights, opinions, and knowledge as guest lecturers, visiting scholars, studio critics, interactive teleconferences participants, and in gallery exhibits. See who is visiting next.

And tell the world about your challenges and discoveries by blogging and in student journals.