The certificate program consists of the following 9 core credits:

ARCH 581 - Digital Design/Fabrication Foundations l (3 credit hours):
Foundations course introducing surface modeling and design methods and tools for CNC fabrication. Initiates a basic understanding of surface geometry, construction history, fabrication strategies, and data extraction/translation through a series of hands-on, iterative modeling and digital fabrication exercises.

ARCH 593 - Digital Design/Fabrication Applications Seminar (3 credit hours):
Design to fabrication seminar focusing students on collaborative immersive projects and discussing theoretical digital technology issues. Students work in teams with faculty, industry partners, and material suppliers to develop applied research problems from inception to full-scale prototype through digital design and fabrication techniques.

ARCH 594 - Immersive Practicum Studio (3 credit hours):
Self-directed, entrepreneurial, creative projects performed under the guidance of faculty advisors and in collaboration with industry partners. Students are responsible for developing original ideas, products, and systems into commodities with potential value for product spin-off or business incubation.

Additionally, the last 3 credits are from successfully completing one of the electives listed below:

ARCH 582 – Digital Design/Fabrication Foundations II (3 credit hours):
Foundations course introducing advanced computational design and analysis tools. Topics and skills covered include time-based modeling, scripting, parametric and informational modeling, and computational performance simulation. Skills are developed through a series of case studies and human-scale design, optimization, and fabrication projects.

ITEDU 697 – Problems in Technology Education (3 credit hours):
Independent study in advanced industrial or professional techniques.

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