Graduate Architecture

Option 2 Courses (Curriculum Guide)


Our M.Arch Option 2 (career change) program is designed for students with undergraduate degrees other than architecture.

A four-semester period of study is required to complete up to 58 undergraduate pre-requisite credits prior to beginning graduate course work. The actual number of credits required depends on an analysis of each applicant transcript, and will be determined after an applicant has accepted an offer of admission.

The remaining 46 credits (shown below) are identical to Option 1.

All students complete 13 courses over three semesters and a summer session of academic studies (46 credits)

  • Three (3) 6-credit studios and a 3-credit summer workshop (21 credits)
  • A required academic internship experience of at least 14 weeks following the framework articulated by National Council of Architectural Registration Board’s Intern Development Program (IDP) for architectural licensing. Students who have already fulfilled the academic internship requirement prior to enrollment in the program,  may pursue more internship experience or utilize other study away experiences.
  • Track 1: Internship/away experience during the spring semester and first summer session (if needed).
  • Track 2: Internship/away experience during the second summer session (if needed) and the fall semester.
  • Three (3) directed electives (minimum) from three "Directed Elective" areas (Research Methods, Integrated Building Practices and Technologies, and Critical Thinking and Representation (9 credits)
  • Four (4) other graduate electives (may be an approved Certificate Program) (12 credits)
  • One (1) Final Project Preparation Course (1 credit)

Example Option 2: Track 1


ARCH 103 Architectural Design Studio 6
ARCH 163 Architectural Communications Media 4
ARCH 273 Environmental Systems 1 3
Total Credit Hours 13
ARCH 203 Architectural Design Studio 4
ARCH 214 Architectural Building Technology 1 3
ARCH 218 Structural Systems 1 3
ARCH 229 History of Architecture 1 3
ARCH 263 Digital Design 3
Total Credit Hours 16


ARCH 304 Architectural Design Studio 5
ARCH 314 Architectural Building Technology 2 3
ARCH 318 Structural Systems 2 3
ARCH 329 History of Architecture 2 3
ARCH 251 Introduction to Social and Cultural Issues of Design 3
Total Credit Hours 17


ARCH 500 Architectural Design Studio 6
ARCH 373 Environmental Systems 2 3
ARCH 418 Structural Systems 3 3
Total Credit Hours 12
Maximum undergraduate credit hours
  Maximum graduate credit hours   6
  Maximum preparatory credit hours total 58

Follow Option 1 for remainder of required core courses


For course descriptions and complete information on program requirements, please consult the Ball State University Graduate Catalog.

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