Graduate Architecture

Post-Professional Master's Degree


This degree program is currently on hold and being redesigned. 


Our innovative interdisciplinary post-professional master's degree offers advanced education and specialization for those with design education or interest in design education, including those with degrees in architecture, industrial design, landscape architecture, planning, and allied fields.

  • Note: This is not a professionally accredited degree and is not applicable toward state licensing. Our master of architecture program is our accredited professional program.

This graduate program offers deeper specialization than is possible at the undergraduate level and provides immersive educational experiences—student-driven learning models—that produce tangible and practical outcomes or products. Much of the course work requires working in student teams and/or with community and industry partners, to seek new uses for what we know about architecture while developing new knowledge for students, teachers, researchers, and practitioners.


This flexible, adaptive, and highly customizable design curriculum is student-centered and provides access to engage the knowledge areas such as centers and institutes within the within the Ball State University community including state-of-the-art facilities and equipment in emerging media and technologies. Close partnerships with industry and community partners will enable students to engage learning and research with a tangible impact.


Your plan of study, including a focused thesis or creative project, is tailored to your chosen knowledge interests and career goals. Interdisciplinary connections to other departments and colleges is encouraged, as this flexible curriculum offers rare and unique opportunities to learn, explore, and innovate outside of traditional architectural sequences of study, while "design" remains central to your explorations.


Areas of specialization may coincide with graduate certificates (note: additional certificate offerings are being developed through this academic year). Current available certificate programs:


The master of archtiecture post-professional program includes 24 credit hours of required courses and 6 credit hours of the thesis or creative project. Students are recommended to enroll in 12 credits each of the first two semesters, followed by the thesis or creative project. It is a 30 credit hour (three semesters) program, generally students take 1.5 calendar years to complete.

Apply Now (currently on hold and being redesigned)

Students must apply and meet the admission requirements for both the Department of Architecture and the Graduate School. International students must apply through the Rinker Center for International Programs. For directions on how to apply go to Post-professional application checklist.