Graduate Assistantships

These assistantships include stipends and tuition waivers. However, students are still responsible for the dedicated, mandatory and program-related fees. See tuition and fee rates. A number of assistantships are awarded competitively each year.

Graduate assistantship assignments include:

  • Teaching Assistantship (TA): Teaching assistants support faculty assigned to teaching required undergraduate courses. TAs assist in preparing readings; participate in studio and lab session reviews; take part in (but are not solely responsible for) evaluating student work; help organize field trips; and in other ways assist the faculty member fulfill their teaching responsibilities congruent with the academic level of the course and the TAs credentials and capabilities.
  • Research, Scholarly, and Creative Work Assistantship (RA): Research assistants support faculty engaged in research, scholarship, and/or creative activities. RAs assist in conducting research, preparing bibliographic surveys, interviewing, data collection, preparing documentation of findings or work-in-progress, and in other ways assist faculty members undertake research, scholarly, and creative endeavors congruent with the RA's capabilities.
  • Administrative and Public Service Assistantship (SA): Graduate service assistants support the service responsibilities of faculty. These assistants support faculty in the administration and development of academic programs; administer archives; support faculty responsible for academic conferences or meetings; assist in the design of posters and other publications; support projects outside the direct area of teaching and research; and in other ways assist faculty members undertake service activities congruent with the assistant’s capabilities. Graduate service assistants support the public service responsibilities of faculty assigned by the department or college to conduct public service activities outside teaching or research activities.

Assistantships available to master of architecture (M.Arch) students

  • These assistantships include stipends as well as a waiver of a substantial portion of tuition costs.
  • Each graduate assistant is assigned to a faculty member. Assistantships in architecture support research, teaching, and other departmental and college programs.
  • If you are interested in a graduate assistantship, be sure to mention it in your admission letter. 
  • No M.Arch assistantship application is required to be submitted. Students are automatically considered.

Assistantships available to master of science in historic preservation (MSHP) students
A number of graduate assistantships are available each year to qualified students in the preservation program.

  • These assistantships include stipends and either full or partial tuition waivers. 
  • First-year graduate assistants work for faculty members on architectural history, while second-year assistantships feature a wide range of work with outside preservation organizations and efforts, including the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, Indiana Main Street programs, consulting firms, community development corporations, and preservation education projects with the Muncie Public Library.
  • Applicants are encouraged to submit their Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.
  • Applications for assistantships must be submitted to the director of the program by February 15 before the academic year in which they wish to enroll. Outside assistantships with the Center for Historic Preservation or with nearby preservation organizations are available for qualified second-year students.
  • Download the MSHP graduate assistantship application
  • For more information, contact Susan Lankford, interim-director, graduate program in historic preservation. 
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