Graduate Assistantship Policy

  • Objective—The purpose of graduate assistantships is to provide the department and its faculty with teaching, research and administrative/service assistance and to provide graduate assistants with financial aid and professional/academic experiences that enhance their education.
  • GA Awards—Graduate assistantship awards are made by the program director in consultation with the department chair. The awards are based on academic standing, skills, and/or professional experience.
  • Assignments and Duration of Assignment—Assignment of graduate assistants (GA) is made by the graduate program director in consultation with the department chair. Assignments are for one, two, three, or four semesters (for 2009–2010 only one or two semester assignments are available).

Each GA has two assignments: a primary assignment as a teaching assistant (TA), research assistant (RA) or service assistant (SA), and a secondary assignment to a studio (for studio reviews).

  • TAs are assigned with large lecture courses having priority, then seminars, and finally studios. No TAs will be assigned to courses having MArch students.
  • RAs are assigned based on faculty requests for specific skills and experience, and student skills and interests.
  • SAs (service assistantships) are assigned based on program needs and student skills.
  • GAs holding one-year assistantships during their first year of graduate study or not may apply for an assistantship in their second year (or third year in the case of 3+ MArch students).
  • Responsibilities—Responsibilities of GAs include assisting the faculty member or administrator to whom they are assigned with preparations for teaching classes, conducting research, assisting in administration and development of programs, administering archives, and other professional, academic, or administrative duties, as assigned. Responsibilities exclude work unrelated to the faculty member’s academic assignments.
  • Work Load—GAs are expected to work 10 hours per week. The faculty or administrative supervisor determines the specific schedule of work in consultation with the GA.
  • Supervision—GA supervisors are faculty members or administrators. All graduate assistants selected are notified of their supervisor before the fall or spring semester begins. Each supervisor is responsible for establishing a schedule for meetings with his/her assistant(s), and for monitoring work assignments. A written agreement regarding work assignment is required and a copy provided to the program director.
  • Evaluation/Renewal/Termination—Supervisors formally evaluate graduate assistants at mid-point in the each semester, based on criteria of evaluation pertinent to the assignment. A copy of the evaluation is provided to the program director. If work is judged substandard, the supervisor counsels the assistant well before the end of the first semester with suggestions for improvement. If adequate improvements are not made by the end of the semester, the supervisor may recommend to the program director that the assistant not be continued for the second semester (in the case of a two-semester assignment).
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