DesignWorks Summer Studio

Format and Schedule

Participants in DesignWorks spend much of their time in the College of Architecture and Planning’s design studios, taking part in studio work for about six hours a day. It’s a lot like our First-Year Program for Ball State freshmen in that it offers a taste of a wide range of environmental design activities. There are some evening sessions as well, but evenings free of programmed activities allow you a chance to see what the rest of college life is like.

Faculty members will take care of all necessary equipment and instructional materials. They’ll also lead students on field trip study opportunities, including a bus trip to a major metropolitan city. Other than the field trip, students are not permitted to leave the campus.

The Schedule
On the first day, you should plan to arrive at the residence hall in the afternoon and may meet with faculty members later for dinner. Class sessions begin first thing the following morning, and instructional activities are planned each day, including on the weekend.

Living Arrangements 
You will be housed in double-occupancy rooms in a Ball State residence hall on campus, supervised by trained staff members. You may have the opportunity to choose roommates.

Entertainment Options
The residence halls have their own recreational facilities, and the university’s gym and pool facilities are available for  participants. You also can enjoy other campus activities, such as movies, plays, and lectures, during your free time. DesignWorks features weekend recreation and entertainment activities as well.

College of Architecture and Planning
The college provides instruction in environmental design and planning, which is segmented into independent professional disciplines including architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning. Ball State is located in Muncie, Indiana, just an hour northeast of Indianapolis.

Ready to Apply?
Find out how to apply for DesignWorks, as well as who is eligible and what it costs. For more information, contact Melanie Smith at 765-285-5862 or
College of Architecture and Planning
Architecture Building (AB), Room 104
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

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