DesignWorks Summer Studio

Student Experiences

“One difference between Ball State’s architecture summer program and others is the quality and approach to each project as a design solution rather than a drafting solution. My newfound vision of design thinking allowed me to dive into the first year of projects at Ball State with a preprogrammed mind toward how to think about environmental design.”
—Taylor Metcalf

“I think the studio helped me open up and become more social. It was easier for me to stand up and explain my design decisions because I had already done some of that at the studio.”
—Ethan Coverstone

“I felt like the workshop helped me know what to expect at the College of Architecture and Planning, and it gave me a chance to learn moreabout the university as a whole. I wasn't scared about getting lost on campus the first week of classes because I had time to explore during the summer and knew my way around. I also had a good number of friends in CAP because of the others who were there with me. It gave me confidence, and it definitely made the transition to college life easier.”
—Andrea J. Kuruda

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