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Community Programs

The College of Applied Sciences and Technology has a long history of serving Muncie and east central Indiana through wellness, nutrition, and other programs. Here is a sampling of the community programs we sponsor. 

Community Center for Vital Aging

In conjunction with the Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology, the Community Center for Vital Aging offers adults age 50 and over courses on topics such as computers, exercise, and dance; cancer and other health screenings; and seminars on financial planning, funeral planning, and surviving a loss. Please visit the Community Center's Website to see the current list of programs.

Ability Challenge

The Ability Challenge Program is a sports and recreation program designed for Ball State and Muncie community students who have a disability. The program provides recreation activities for people with disabilities and opportunities for Ball State students to gain firsthand experience in adapted recreation programs.

Physical Education Programs for Adults

The Adult Physical Fitness Program is a comprehensive physical fitness program that helps individuals improve and maintain their health and functional ability. Under the supervision of university faculty members certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, graduate students plan personalized exercise routines to meet participants' health and fitness goals and supervise participants during their workouts. Participants pay a nominal membership fee to take part in the program. To learn more, visit the Adult Physical Fitness Program Web site.

The School of Physical Education, Sport, and Exercise Science also offers exercise programs for Ball State faculty, staff, and retirees. The programs focus on aerobic exercise, strength and flexibility training, and relaxation techniques and are staffed by physical education and gerontology students.

Physical Education Programs for Children

The Fit Kids and Gym and Swim programs are offered after school and on Saturdays and help children in the community develop good exercise habits and learn fundamental skills in swimming and other sports. The programs also give students in the physical education teaching program opportunities for one-on-one interaction with school-aged children.

The Motor Development Program provides fundamental motor skill development and swimming instruction for children enrolled in the Head Start program. The program is staffed by physical education and aquatics students.

The Ability Challenge Movement Opportunity Venues for Everyone (MOVE) program offers individual, small group, and team activities for children with and without disabilities. The program is lead by Ball State students in the adapted physical education leadership program.

Cardinal Advantage Motion Analysis Laboratory

The motion analysis laboratory offers rehabilitation services and testing to help athletes and others evaluate and enhance their performance. The cornerstone of the rehabilitation services is gait analysis, which evaluates a person's walking patterns and suggests options for improving the gait. The lab also offers several programs to help athletes of all ages and skill levels enhance performance, improve training efficiency, and assess their technique. By working in the lab, graduate students in the biomechanics program learn firsthand about motion and muscular control patterns.

Operation Wellness

Operation Wellness is a fitness program sponsored by Ball State to help residents of Wells County, Indiana, learn to eat more healthfully and exercise more often. The program uses a number of different strategies including nutrition and fitness courses and weight-loss competitions among co-workers to increase physical activity, improve nutrition, and enhance the health of Wells County residents of all ages.

Coordinated by professors and graduate students in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, the program has been very successful. In the first year, participants lost hundreds of pounds, reduced their blood pressure, and increased their cardiovascular fitness.

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