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About This Department

The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology faculty and staff are leaders in their field. The faculty members are well-educated, noted scholars in the field, and have real-world work experience in criminal justice. 

Our faculty and staff seek at all times to:

  • serve all students at the university, particularly criminal justice and criminology majors, the best we can
  • work cooperatively with the university community and the community at large
  • promote excellence in teaching and research via the teacher–scholar model
  • promote excellence in service to our students, the college, the university, the community, and to our profession
  • provide a professional and supportive atmosphere for faculty to achieve departments goals as well as personal goals 
  • maintain the quality of our outstanding internship program
  • enhance multicultural issues within the department and in each of our course offerings
  • enhance computer competency within the department and in each of our course offerings
  • promote knowledge of and appreciation for ethical issues and conduct in the practice of criminal justice and criminology