Core Area of Study

POLS 625 Research Methods

15 hours from:

POLS 633 American Judicial Systems

POLS 642 Public Policy

POLS 648 Policy Analysis

POLS 650 Public Administration

POLS 651 Administrative Organization Management

POLS 652 Personnel Administration

POLS 653 Public Financial Administration

CJC Concentration (12 hours):

CJC 650 Criminal Justice Administration

CJC 651 Interpersonal Relations CJC

CJC 652 Philosophical Aspects CJC

CJC 690 Independent Study

Research requirement (one of the following):

POLS 626 Research Seminar

RES 697 Research Paper

THES 698 Thesis

Electives in related area: 3–6 hours

Total = 36–42 hours

** You are required to have a basic understanding and ability to deal with introductory accounting. This may be fulfilled by a previous completion of Accounting 501 or equivalent.

Graduate Student Academic Load
Graduate students who are not graduate assistants may register for a maximum of 15 hours in a semester, 6 hours in a five-week summer term, and 12 hours for the combined summer terms. Graduate and doctoral assistants may register for a maximum of 12 hours in a semester and 3 hours in a five-week summer term. Minimum enrollment for graduate assistants is 6 hours in a semester and 3 hours in a five-week summer term.

A full-time graduate student, as defined for the purpose of classification for financial aid or veterans’ benefits, is a student registered for 9 or more semester hours in the fall or spring semester. A half-time load would consist of 5 to 6 hours. Full-time for a summer term is 6 hours, part-time is a minimum of 3 hours. A full-time student, as defined by the Office of Bursar and Loan Administration for billing purposes, is a student registered for a minimum of 12 hours.

All requests for overloads must be accompanied by the attached form signed by the student’s advisor, committee chairperson, or department chairperson justifying the request based on academic considerations only. Requests will be sent to the Graduate School for action.