Departmental Honors

The University's departmental honors program, administered by the Honors College, is designed to recognize students who exhibit an outstanding level of academic achievement in their majors.  Students receiving departmental honors are not required to be members of the Honors College.  Students receiving university honors may also receive departmental honors but must meet department requirements in addition to Honors College requirements.  A student is not required to be in the Honors College to complete departmental honors.

Eligibility and Requirements

Students interested in receiving Departmental Honors in Criminal Justice and Criminology can apply to the program during the sophomore year.  The requirements are:

  • Initial meeting with the CJC Honors Representative
  • Complete application
  • Minimum CJC GPA of 3.50
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.25
  • Has arranged for a full-time faculty mentor to oversee the honors thesis
  • Complete 1 hour of credit in CJC 390 (Honors Colloquium in Criminal Justice and Criminology) during the fall semester  of the junior year
  • Enroll for the honors thesis (HONRS 499) during the fall semester of the senior year (bearing in mind that there may be a need for an Incomplete from the fall semester to complete the project in the spring term).
        *A thesis completed for University Honors may be used to meet the departmental honors thesis requirement; however, that thesis must meet the requirements for receiving departmental honors
  • Submit one copy of the honors thesis signed by the faculty mentor to the CJC Honors Representative.


Click the link for the Departmental Honors Application.