The College of Sciences and Humanities prepares students with the skills and knowledge they will need to be successful in a changing society, enabling them to become responsible and responsive twenty-first century citizens.

Through its majors, minors, and delivering the vast majority of courses that form the University Core Curriculum required for all Ball State undergraduates, the college provides students with experiences designed to enhance their ability to analyze situations, think critically, solve problems creatively, and communicate their ideas clearly. These skills, acquired through a liberal education, contribute to life-long learning and earning.

The college is a cultural and scientific asset that embraces the teacher-scholar model for its faculty. It encourages and rewards excellent teaching and views teaching as the faculty's primary task while still encouraging and valuing basic and applied research and other creative activities that lead to refereed publication, juried exhibition, and the improvement of life.

The college encourages faculty and staff to be models for students by being responsible and responsive citizens who directly engage with local, state, national, and international constituencies that might benefit from the application of their knowledge and expertise.