At Ball State, the College of Sciences and Humanities is at the heart of liberal arts education and the university’s largest college.   The integrated curriculum of the departments spanning the College provides students with a broad and well-rounded education in humanities, social sciences, and natural, mathematical, and computer sciences. Founded on the traditions and values of expanding knowledge and an understanding of world views, students develop their critical thinking skills, are able to analyze and creatively solve problems, and learn effective written and communication techniques with intellectual integrity. 

A Ball State degree is designed to promote student success by providing innovative and entrepreneurial education experiences. Working with community partners, agencies, and industries, students develop diverse perspectives and use new technologies to arrive at cutting edge solutions to complex problems all while gaining real world experience.

Students are encouraged to expand their social, cultural, and scientific horizons. Traveling locally and globally students expand their talents and appreciation for divergent worldviews.  Students are able to make connections, understand others through their languages, histories, and culture, and increase their global awareness.

Internships, independent research, and study projects play an important role in the curricula.  With access to laboratories inside and outside the classroom, in workshops, and field experiences, students work closely with professors to actively pursue research and study endeavors. Students work to creatively think through a problem, evaluate insightful and ethical solutions, and enhance their ability to work with others, preparing them to be successful and important contributors to the rapidly changing world.