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About this Department, Letter from the Chair

We are a department that has a long history of focusing our efforts on giving our undergraduate and graduate students a high-quality learning experience in both the classroom and the laboratory settings. We incorporate problem-solving sessions into many courses, have faculty supervision in all laboratories, encourage cooperative learning, and provide numerous opportunities for both formal and informal student-faculty interactions. In fact, what sets us apart from most chemistry departments is the nature and extent of our faculty-student interactions.

We provide the following opportunities for students:

  • one of the largest summer undergraduate research programs in the nation
  • an expanding, effective, and funded program to increase the number of underrepresented students in science
  • an active, vibrant, and nationally award-winning chapter of our Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society of more than 66 students who provide science programs to the local community
  • one of the nation’s centers for incorporating authentic science practices in our undergraduate education
  • hands-on, student-used, state-of-the-art instrumentation for laboratory studies
  • a successful, research-based master of science program where graduate students have the opportunity to learn advanced experimental chemistry and modern instrumental techniques
  • a new, unique, cross-disciplinary PhD in environmental sciences program for those interested in applying chemistry to solve timely environmental problems
  • funded scholarships and biannual student award ceremonies
  • an expert faculty and staff dedicated to serving their students

We hope that you enjoy your studies at Ball State. We know your educational experiences here will help you become the best scientist that you can be!

Patricia L. Lang
Professor and Chair,
Department of Chemistry