The certificate in science and entrepreneurship combines a major in a life, physical, computation, or mathematical science from College of Sciences and Humanities with a minor in entrepreneurship (for non-business majors) from the Miller College of Business and seminar/workshop and career counseling preparation from the Ball State Career Center.

The minor in entrepreneurship will attune science majors to the workings of science in business enterprises, which are governed by issues of profitability, market share, return on investment, timeliness, etc. – not all of which are factors to which they will have been sensitized as science majors alone. Armed with an understanding of marketing, management, accounting, budgeting, business law, and human relations from the certificate program, they will be better equipped for the first promotion to team leader or project manager, as well as better prepared to understand and manage the risks associated with their own business. Thus, we are helping propel our science graduates toward success from the outset.

Moreover, getting that first job in the current competitive environment requires science graduates to present themselves and their credentials in ways that are “user-friendly” to the corporate recruiter. The Career Center’s programming will help students do that more effectively and better understand themselves and the career implications of the choices they make as undergraduates.  

For more information, contact Jean Dinwiddie in Cooper Advising, CP 253, or Patricia Lang, Chemistry Department Chair, CP 305.