All of our faculty members are involved in some type of research.  The great part about that is you're getting professors who are still very active in their field and you get the opportunity to help with their research.

Some faculty members are involved in physical and analytical research and some are focusing on biochemistry.  The physical research group has used infrared spectroscopy to develop several analytical methods like the characterization of historic papers using attenuated total reflection.

Scott Pattison, who is doing research in biochemistry said he and his group are focused on the unique aspects of membrane transport for trace metals.  They are studying the impact of lipid bilayer changes on zinc ion transport.

As a student in our department, you will get to solve problems, come to conclusions and share in all the emotions that come with doing research.

The following professors are actively working on specific types of research:

Analytical Biochemistry
Patricia L. Lang Timea Fernandez
Tykhon Zubkov
Emil Khisamutdinov
Scott Pattison
Inorganic/Organometallic     Physical
Cori Jenkins
Patricia L. Lang
Zhihai Li Sergiy Rosokha
Jesse Tye Mahamud Subir
Organic Environmental Sciences
Philip A. Albiniak E. Michael Perdue
James S. Poole

James S. Poole

Sundeep Rayat Mahamud Subir
Sergiy Rosokha
Robert Sammelson