You’ll find a wealth of opportunities, wisdom, and experience awaiting you in your academic career with the Department of Communication Studies.

Leading the way is a diverse and well-qualified faculty. Most hold doctoral degrees, and together they represent interests in:

  • public address
  • rhetorical theory and criticism
  • organizational communication
  • small-group communication
  • leadership
  • interviewing
  • argumentation and debate
  • interpersonal communication
  • communication theory
  • digital media
  • communication research
  • communication education

    Our students are equally distinguished, and their accomplishments are regularly recognized through various awards.

    Our department was first recognized in the mid-1960s as a separate entity at Ball State, but the beginnings of this type of course work can be found a few decades earlier within the English department. Through our history, our department and our offerings have evolved from a small collection of courses into a vibrant discipline useful to students with wide-ranging career aspirations.

    We're in the David Letterman Communication and Media Building,  packed with advanced technology—the same kind found in communication workplaces—ready to provide you with hands-on experiences.

    The Department of Communication Studies is a part of the College of Communication, Information, and Media which has an interactive year in review with stories, video, and slides.