COMM 210 Proficiency Exam Process

To receive credit by exam for COMM 210, i.e. test out of the course, you must complete the COMM 210 Proficiency Examination, which is a series of three processes:

1. application,

2. taking the written examination, and

3. giving the persuasive presentation.

Note: The written examination and persuasive presentation must be completed in the same semester.

The Application Process

  • Fill out the form which is submitted to the Director, who provides further instruction after contact.

The Written Examination

  • The written exam will be offered online in the Computer Based Testing (CBT) labs the second month of the semester (October or February). 
  • The written exam consists of 50 multiple choice items covering the information contained in the book Fundamentals of Public Communication by Richard Nitcavic. The test covers chapters one through 15 and appendices A and B. The text can be purchased at the Ball State bookstore or ordered online.
  • You must pass the written examination with a score of 75 percent or above. Pass/fail notification will be returned to you onscreen immediately after submission of your completed exam.
  • If you do not pass the written examination, you will not be allowed to continue the Proficiency Examination process and must take COMM 210.

If you pass the Written Exam...

1. Pick up the Credit by Examination form from the Department of Communication Studies office.

2. Fill out the form and take it to the Bursar’s office (Lucina Hall, room 027) and pay the $50 testing fee. Examination fees are not refundable.

3. Next, return the form with proof of payment to the Department of Communication Studies office where you will be given the instructions for the persuasive presentation (speech).

The Speech

  • You must set a date and time for your presentation. A scheduling sheet will be available in the Department of Communication Studies office.
  • A copy of the formal outline, including a bibliography, must be brought at the time of your presentation.
  • Be sure to arrive to the presentation site at least 10 minutes before you are scheduled so that you have time to compose yourself before your presentation.
  • This presentation will be evaluated by no fewer than three faculty members and may be taped for evaluation purposes.
  • Pass/fail notification will be e-mailed to you.

If you need adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, if you have emergency medical information, or if you need special arrangements in case of an evacuation, please indicate below what accommodations you may need and provide the Department of Communication Studies with the appropriate documentation. Documentation may be obtained through the office of Disability Services.

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