Your Senior Year

Your senior year is more than just the last year of undergraduate course work. It’s a wrap-up of your whole communication studies experience, a capstone to your studies.

One component is the Communication Studies Senior Seminar, COMM 401. It’s a 1-credit course designed to help with your transition from the academic to the professional world. Offered only on to seniors a credit/no credit basis, the course offers assessments and details about career opportunities.

As a major, you’re also required to submit a senior portfolio during the semester you plan to graduate. The portfolio is essentially an academic history showing your performance in the Department of Communication Studies. It shows off your skills, achievements, and knowledge.

If you submit your graduation application on time, you’ll be notified of the portfolio submission schedule by about the fourth week of your final semester. If you don’t receive a notice, please contact Beth Messner, the department's primary departmental advisor 

Here are the items you must include in your senior portfolio:

  • a table of contents
  • two instructor-graded critiques of your oral presentation skills, the first reflecting your abilities when you first declared your major, the second from an upper-level course taken toward the end of your studies
  • a major research or applied paper from any 300-level or 400-level COMM class. This should be an individual paper, not a group project, and at least 10 pages long. Please submit the original, graded paper showing the instructor’s comments.
  • an additional writing sample from any COMM course (and it does not have to be 10 pages). It must be individually written, not a group project, and it should be the original copy showing the instructor’s comments.
  • a thoughtful, two- to three-page self-assessment essay discussing your strengths and weaknesses as a communicator. You might, for example, assess your skills in speaking, writing, listening, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and/or leadership.
  •  your current resume

In addition, you may elect to include other items that demonstrate your accomplishments as a communication studies major such as:

  • a well-written essay exam
  • reference letters from employers, internship supervisors, or other similar sources
  • a videotape of one of your presentations
  • written critiques assessing your ability to work effectively in group settings, provided by other group members and/or appropriate supervisors such as faculty members or internship supervisors
  • critiques that comment on interviewing skills you demonstrated during a COMM 325 graded interview, including a videotape, self-assessment, and/or instructor comments
  • a creative project, such as an academic or cocurricular work highlighting your communication-related creativity—perhaps speech manuscripts, advertising campaigns, television scripts, poetry, literary fiction, musical compositions, newspaper articles, or theatrical performances
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