The debate team competed at the National Educational Debate Association national tournament hosted by St. Peter's College in Washington DC.

The debate team won the team National Championship for 2009, repeating its title in 2008.

Samantha Sallee and Ben Davis were selected as All-American debaters.

Team Awards:
Varsity: Samantha Sallee and Ben Davis semifinalist
Kaytee Byrns and Carrie McMurray semifinalst

Novice: Nick Shipe and Lindsey Dixon 2nd place

Lauren Harper and R.J. Crace 2nd place
Misty White and Jay Bryant semifinalist

Speaker awards:
1st place speaker: Samantha Sallee
3rd place speaker: Carrie McMurray
6th place speaker: Kaytee Byrns

1st place speaker: Joel Franz
3rd place speaker: Lindsey Dixon
4th place speaker: Nick Shipe
5th place speaker: Lauren Bade

2nd place speaker: R.J. Crace
3rd place speaker: Jerrod Stewart
10th place speaker: Misty White

Assistant coach Donny Peters, graduate assistants Natascha Atwood, Alexander Newman, and Dallis Pike