Download and fill out the check sheet for the English Studies major to ensure that your studies are on track. 

This program is designed to provide a foundation in the full range of subjects within English studies: literature, rhetoric, writing, linguistics, and creative writing. It is designed for students seeking a broad liberal education but not necessarily planning to pursue graduate studies in English. Four semesters (or the equivalent) of a modern or classical language at the college level are required.

To earn a bachelor’s degree in English studies, you must complete 120 credit hours including the University Core Curriculum and these classes:

English Studies, 36 credits

ENG 210 Introduction to English Studies  3
ENG 220 Language and Society 3
ENG 230 Reading and Writing about Literature 3
ENG 285 Introduction to Creative Writing     3
ENG 444 Senior Seminar 3
3 credits from:

Creative Writing course


3 credits from:

Linguistics course


3 credits from:

Literature course


3 credits from:

Rhetoric/Writing course


9 credits from:

English electives from courses numbered 300 or above
Electives may not include ENG 392, 393, or any course specially designed for teacher preparation: ENG 150, 204, 302, 304, 311, 318, 350, 395, 401. May include only 3 hours of ENG 369.


Total Credits


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