Gain a new perspective on your favorite authors and discover new ones with a major in literature. One of the most longstanding programs at the university, the literature major is also one of the most innovative.  Reading texts deeply, with an eye to the social and historical context in which they are created, will enhance your critical thinking skills and prepare you to untangle complex problems in any field you pursue after college. The poetry, fiction, essays, films and plays we study offer rich sources of meaning that help us better understand the human condition as we work through them in class. 

Our award-winning faculty publish actively in their fields and bring their excitement for research into the classroom, offering a wide range of inventive and engaging courses that cross disciplines and prepare students for the challenges of 21st-century life.  Literature majors succeed in many fields after graduation, thanks to their abilities to write clearly, think analytically, and imagine possibilities.

For more information, download our flyer, check out the degree requirements, or contact the lead advisor of the program, Cathy Day.