Download and fill out the check sheet for the Rhetoric and Writing major to ensure that your studies are on track. 

This program introduces students to rhetoric and composition as the theory and practice of discourse, with emphasis on written forms. It is especially relevant for students planning further academic or professional studies.

Four semesters (or the equivalent) of a modern or classical language at the college level are required.

To earn a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and writing, you must complete 120 credit hours including the University Core Curriculum and these classes:

Rhetoric and Writing, 36 credits
ENG 210 Introduction to English Studies


ENG 213 Introduction to Digital Literacies


ENG 231 Professional Writing 3
ENG 303 History of Rhetoric 3
ENG 335 Writing and Reading Public Discourse 3
ENG 435 Issues in Rhetoric and Writing 3
ENG 444 Senior Seminar


9 directed elective hours from the following courses (no more than 3 hours
from ENG 369):
ENG 306 Creative Nonfiction Writing (3)
ENG 329 Editing and Style (3)
ENG 369 Professional Experience (3)
ENG 431 Rhetoric, Writing, and Emerging Media (3)
COMM 310 Speechmaking and American Democracy (3)
COMM 320 Persuasion (3)
COMM 322 Communication and Popular Culture (3)
COMM 385 Rhetoric and Public Advocacy (3)
COMM 412 Rhetorical Criticism (3)
COMM 420 Classical Rhetorical Theory (3) 9
Electives: 2 elective courses in English numbered 205 and above. May not include ENG 206, or any course specifically designed for teacher preparation: ENG 150, 350, and 395. 



Total Credits: 36

ENG 210 is a prerequisite for ENG 303 for Rhetoric and Writing majors.

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