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Decision Point 2 Requirements

Hours and Grade Point Average Requirements

  • Students enrolled at Ball State University starting Fall 2013 must complete 45 hours and earn at least a 3.0 overall grade point average (GPA).

  • Students enrolled at Ball State University prior to Fall 2013 must complete 45 hours and earn at least a 2.5 overall grade point average (GPA).

Courses and Artifacts: English and Communications

  • You must earn a C or better in required ENG and COMM courses and artifacts.

Decision Point 2 courses and artifacts include the following:

  • ENG 220 Language and Society (Language and Society Assessment) 

  • ENG 230 Reading and Writing about Literature (research paper)

  • COMM 210 Fundamentals of Public Communication

  • COMM 220 Argumentation and Debate (debate assignment)

  • COMM 240 Introduction to Human Communication (paper or exam) or COMM 290 Intercultural Communication (paper)

For each of the above courses, your instructor fills out a rubric (scoring sheet) for the required artifact and enter it into rGrade. Ball State username and password required.

  • Review the rubrics used to assess artifacts. Scroll down to a particular artifact and click on the red cube associated with it to view the appropriate rubric. Ball State username and password required.

You must pass each artifact with a C or better. If you do not, then you can attempt to remediate the artifact. You must successfully revise the artifact within the semester following the course in which you failed the artifact. If you fail to revise the artifact up to acceptable standards, you have the choice of retaking the class or dropping the teaching major. The revision of the artifact does not change your course grade.

Contact Susanna Benko, director of English Education to begin the remediation process.

Artifacts: Professional Education Courses

You must earn a C or better in your 100 and 200-level professional education courses.

Decision Point 2 artifacts from these courses include the following:

  • EDMU 205 Introduction to Multicultural Education (autobiography)

  • EDPS 251 Human Growth and Development for Secondary Education (developmental paper)

Your instructor for each course fills out a rubric for the required artifact and enters it into rGrade. Ball State username and password required.

You may view the rubrics used to assess your artifact by clicking on the red cube icon in rGrade.

Disposition Assessment

Disposition assessment takes place in EDMU 205.

Licensure Exam / CASA

Indiana CORE Academic Skills Assessment (CASA) are part of Indiana’s teacher licensure and certification process and demonstrate basic skills competency.

CASA Alternatives: Candidates may also document basic skills competency for admission to educator preparation programs using the following additional assessments/routes:

  • ACT® with a score of at least 24 based on Math, Reading, Grammar, and Science 

  • SAT® with a score of at least 1100 based on Critical Reading and Math 

  • GRE® with a score of at least 1100 based on Verbal and Quantitative prior to 8/1/11 


  • GRE® with a score of at least 301 based on Verbal and Quantitative on or after 8/1/11 

Note: ACT, SAT, and GRE scores do not include writing. Anyone with a master's degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution is exempt from this requirement.

Note:  Beginning in summer 2013, Praxis I will no longer be used to assess basic skills competency of prospective Indiana educators

Decision Point 2 Portfolio

At Decision Point 2 (DP 2), your portfolio needs to include a new, revised set of reflective statements for each Interstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) standards. These should be clearly labeled DP 2 reflections, and they should appear immediately above those you wrote for Decision Point 1 so that reviewers can chart the development of your thinking about each InTASC standard.

You also need to include one artifact with an accompanying rationale clearly labeled DP 2 for InTASC Standards No. 1, 2, and 4. Two of the artifacts come from specific classes EDMU 205 and EDPS 251; therefore, it is necessary to have taken these classes before you turn in your portfolio.

  • InTASC Standard 1: Ed Psych 251 - Developmental Standards Paper (same artifact used to be under old InTASC principle 2)

  • InTASC Standard 2: EDMU 205 - Cultural Autobiography assignment (same artifact used to be under old InTASC principle 3)

  • InTASC Standard 4: Paper from ENG 230, 220, or other content class (same artifact used to be under old InTASC principle 1)

More Information about the Portfolio.

  • For technical help with your portfolio, contact Michael Parsley, portfolio support manager and iCare coordinator.

  • Rubric (to assess Decision Point 2 portfolios)

Portfolio Evaluation

Portfolios are evaluated at Decision Point 2 in the English Department as follows:

  • A committee of three professional education faculty from the English Department, as appointed by the department chair, conducts the review.

  • Portfolios are due on the Friday of week 7 of the semester from all students who are finishing their DP 2 classes in that semester. The director of English Education sends several emails to all English majors early in the semester, and as the deadline approaches, informing students that anyone who is enrolled in final DP 2 classes (ENG 220, 230, EDMU 205, EDPS 251, COMM 220 and 240 or 290) must submit their electronic portfolio by that deadline.

  • Each student must submit his/her portfolio by emailing the portfolio’s Web address to the Director of English Education. The Director of English Education forwards the web addresses to the committee.

  • Portfolios are assessed on rGrade by Friday of week 9 of the semester. The Director of English Education informs any student who has not gotten an overall rating of “basic” or better. If a student earns an unsatisfactory rating, the student is required to re-submit the portfolio by Friday of week 12 of the semester. The committee re-evaluates any failed portfolios by Friday of week 14 of the semester.

Approved Application

Once you have completed all Decision Point 2 requirements, you will be granted permission to enroll in Professional Ed. 300/400 level courses. This automated process can up to 48 hours. If you have any problems, please contact the Teachers College Advising Resource Center.

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