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Decision Point 3 Requirements

Hours and GPA Requirements

  • You must be within 9 hours of completion of content courses.
  • Students enrolled at Ball State University starting Fall 2013 to present must complete 93 hours and earn at least a 3.0 overall grade point average (GPA).
  • Students enrolled at Ball State University prior to Fall 2013 must complete 93 hours and earn at least a 2.5 overall grade point average (GPA). 

Required Courses

In order to pass Decision Point 3 (DP 3) you must complete all but 9 hours of your content area courses. You must pass the following courses and artifacts before completing DP 3:

  • ENG 321 English Linguistics
  • ENG 350 Teaching Writing in Secondary Schools (must earn a C or higher)
  • ENG 395 Teaching Literature and Language in Secondary Schools (must earn a C or higher)


There are two required artifact in Decision Point 3 from ENG 395.

For this course, your instructor fills out rubrics (scoring sheet) for the required artifacts and enters the scores into rGrade. Review the rubrics used to assess your artifact by clicking on the red cube icon in rGrade. 

You must pass each artifact with a C or better. If you do not, then you can attempt to remediate the artifact. You must successfully revise the artifact within the semester following the course in which you failed the artifact. If you fail to revise the artifact up to acceptable standards, you have the choice of retaking the class or dropping the teaching major. The revision of the artifact does not change your course grade.

Contact Susanna Benko, director of English Education, to begin the remediation process. 

Disposition Assessment

Decision Point 3 disposition assessment takes place durinig ENG 395.

Learn more about the Teachers College dispositions assessments and the rubric (scoring sheet) used. 

The following courses should be taken the semester before you student teach. You must receive permission to enroll, and you must earn a C or higher in both courses.

  • EDSE 380 Principles of Teaching in the Secondary School
  • EDJH 385 Principles of Teaching in the Middle School

For permission to enroll in the course and assignment to the school site in which you will be doing your observation/participation, contact Keri McCormick , Department of Educational Studies, Teachers College 805c.

Decision Point 3 Portfolio Review

At Decision Point 3 (DP 3), your portfolio needs to include a revised set of ten reflective statements that meet DP 3 expectations. You should retain in your portfolio your reflective statements from Decision Points 1 and Decision Point 2 so that reviewers can chart the development of your thinking about each Interstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) standard. Your portfolio also needs to include one artifact for seven of the 10 InTASC standards with accompanying rationales clearly labeled DP 3.

More Information about Portfolios

Portfolio Evaluation

At Decision Point 3, your portfolio is reviewed twice, once in EDSE 380/ EDJH 385 and once by a committee from the English Department.

  • You must submit your portfolio by emailing the portfolio’s Web address to the undergraduate studies director by the Tuesday of Week 12 of the semester. The undergraduate studies director forwards the web addresses to the committee.
  • Assessments are visible to teacher candidates by Tuesday of Week 14.
  • Teacher candidates with unsatisfactory portfolios must resubmit portfolios by the last day of classes during the semester.
  • Re-evaluation by the faculty member(s) who deemed the portfolio unsatisfactory is due when final grades are due.

Student Teaching

The Office of Teacher Education Services provides information on applying for and completing student teaching.

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