Brent Blackwell

Brent Blackwell

Assistant Teaching Professor of English


Room:RB 393

As an interdisciplinary scholar, I tend to focus on the areas of intersection between disciplines and cultures, especially in regards to literature, modern science, politics, and Western religions. I research and write about the connections between postmodern American fiction, quantum theory, and mathematical topology, but I also teach and direct research in the Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict for the Honors College. My current work is on the crisis of identity in the American university in the face of growing public concern over the rising cost. I recently also finished writing my first novel, Ricki Lake Does Not Exist. For more information, visit my personal website.

Areas of Specialization
Postmodern American fiction, Modern American poetry, Experimental fiction, Holocaust Narratives, Fascism and Literature, Science and Literature, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Existentialism, and the Literature of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

Introduction to the Holocaust, The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, The Hebrew Bible as Literature, Introduction to Jewish Studies, Inquiries in the Physical Sciences, The Crisis in Higher Education, World Literature, Literary Theory, Reading and Writing about Literature, and Rhetoric and Writing.

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