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Paul Ranieri

Associate Professor

RB 2109  Phone: 765-285-8406  

Department of English
Robert Bell Building (RB), Room 297
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Currently my interests center on the role of thinking and language (the classic concept of logos) in teaching, learning, and society. I have continued my interest in English education but have evolved, as well, special emphases on classical rhetoric, the history of liberal education, composition/honors pedagogy, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. I am currently working on two long term projects: a digital, multi-modal platform for teaching first-year writing (in first edition now with Vizi Learning Systems) and a monograph on the nature of liberal education for the 21st century.

In addition to my teaching and research, I currently serve as interim director of the Indiana Writing Project.

Areas of Specialization
Rhetoric, Writing Pedagogy, Liberal Education, First-Year Experiences, Scholarship of Teaching

Undergraduate: First-year writing, honors humanities, honors colloquia, history of rhetoric, editing and style, public discourse, the senior seminar
Graduate: classical rhetoric, cognition and composing, rhetoric and liberal education

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