Paul Ranieri

Paul Ranieri

Associate Professor of English


Room:RB 2109

Currently my interests center on the role of thinking and language (the classic concept of logos) in teaching, learning, and society. I have continued my interest in English education but have evolved, as well, special emphases on classical rhetoric, the history of liberal education, composition/honors pedagogy, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. I am currently working on two long term projects: a digital, multi-modal platform for teaching first-year writing (in first edition now with Vizi Learning Systems) and a monograph on the nature of liberal education for the 21st century.

In addition to my teaching and research, I currently serve as interim director of the Indiana Writing Project.

Areas of Specialization
Rhetoric, Writing Pedagogy, Liberal Education, First-Year Experiences, Scholarship of Teaching

Undergraduate: First-year writing, honors humanities, honors colloquia, history of rhetoric, editing and style, public discourse, the senior seminar
Graduate: classical rhetoric, cognition and composing, rhetoric and liberal education

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