What can you do with a degree in English?

At Ball State, English undergraduate students learn skills such as close reading, research, analysis, synthesis, and clear, creative communication through concentrations in rhetoric and writing, creative writing, English studies, literature, or teaching English/language arts.

So, what do you do with that?

"Anything you want," says Jill Christman, Associate Professor. "None of us knows what the job market will look like in ten years, or even five, but I cannot think of a single employer who is not looking for these skills in a prospective employee."

The Career Center is an excellent resource for any student seeking jobs and internships, and our blog features articles about the job market, which you can read here. You can also check out a breakdown of jobs that English majors obtain here.

Here's what you can do


Jessica Husek (Advertising Major and English Minor, 2009)


  Lola Mauer (B.A. English 1998, M.A. in Creative Writing 2003)

Masters in Library Science/Information Systems

        Emily Reed (English Literature with Minors in Marketing and History, 2013)


        Sarah Robbins (PhD Rhetoric and Composition)
        Emily Disher Part 1 (B.A. English)  
        Emily Disher Part 2 (B.A. English)

Publishing and Marketing

        Johna Picco (B.A. Literature)         
Evan Himelick (English Major with a minor in Digital Publishing)         
Madisen Ray (English Major)
Tyler D. Fields (B.A. Creative Writing 2013)
Cole Farrell (M.A. Creative Writing 2012)
        Aaron Nicely (M.A. Creative Writing 2008, M.A. Literature 2010)

Technical Communications

        Christopher Newgent  


        Steven Loser (B.A. Teaching English/Language Art)          
Katie Zimolzak (B.A. English)
Phillip Call (B.A. English Education) 

Teaching English as a Second Language

Emily Schuyler (B.A. English)
        Phil Call (B.A. Teaching English/Language Arts and ESL License 2011)
        Christine Ellsworth (B.A. Literature 2006)         
Samantha Edwards (B.A. Creative Writing)       

Student Affairs and Enrollment Services / Higher Education

        Alex Wenning (M.A. English 2006)         
Lindsey Jendraszak (B.A. Literature 2006) 
Jennifer Banning (M.A. English 2013) Brianne Nickel (B.A. Creative Writing 2007) Michael King (B.A. English Studies 2011)

Graduate School (MFA and PhD)
        Sarah Marty-Schlipf         
Nate Logan         
Kelsi Morrison-Atkins (B.A. English and Religious Studies)
Dr. Jenny Smith (B.A. English and German 2003)
Elysia Smith (B.A. Creative Writing)
Layne Ransom (B.A. Creative Writing)
Jennifer Bute (B.S. English 1997)
Robbie Maakestad (M.A. Creative Writing 2014)
Kelsey Englert (M.A. Creative Writing 2014)
Jeremy Carnes (B.A. 2012 and M.A. Literature 2014)

Scriptwriting/Television Writing

        Audrey Brown (M.A. English)


        Lydia Storie (B.A. English and TCOM Minor: Film)

Fulbright Scholarship

        Katherine Kovac (B.A. Literature 2010)

Peace Corps

        J.D. Mitchell Part 1 (B.A. Creative Writing 2010)         
        J.D. Mitchell Part 2 (B.A. Creative Writing 2010)
Government and Politics

        Sam Edwards (B.A. Creative Writing 2010)

Law School
        Katie Dittelberger (B.A. English 2007)
        Whittley Lewis (B.A. Rhetoric and Writing 2011)
        Tony West (B.A. English)

Non-Profit Organizations

        Shane Thomson (B.A. English)
        Gaylena Merritt (B.A. English)