Doctorate in Environmental Sciences

Mark Pyron


CL 226e  Phone: 765-285-8852  

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University of Oklahoma, Ph.D.
University of North Texas, M.S
University of Wisconsin, B.S.

Research Interests
Aquatic biology

  • ecology of aquatic communities
  • population ecology of aquatic species
  • behavioral ecology (sexual selection)
  • conservation of aquatic resources

Recent Publications

Pyron, M., T. E. Lauer, and J. R. Gammon. 2006. Stability of the Wabash River fish assemblages from 1974-1998. Freshwater Biology 51:1789-1797.

Pyron, M. 2006. James R. Gammon: The Wabash River Man. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 2006

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