Family and Consumer Sciences

FCS Education

Teaching Major in Vocational Family and Consumer Science - 52 hours

Senior High, Junior High/Middle School Education Program - 38 hours

The Family and Consumer Sciences Education program prepares to teach family and consumer sciences classes in public or private schools. The focus of these classes in schools today is on adult roles, life skills, consumer rights and responsibilities, and contributing to the community. Graduates who complete this major also qualify to become extension educators or work for other public and private agencies.

Teaching programs require additional courses in educational methods. See the Department of Secondary, Higher, and Foundations of Education and Teachers College for the descriptions of courses and other professional requirements of the teacher education program.

Students seeking employment in occupational family and consumer sciences education may be required to have 4,000 clock hours work experience in the area of their teaching. In occupational family and consumer sciences, four hours of unsupervised work experience are the equivalent of 1.5 clock hours of supervised work. Register in FCSED 490 (with FCSED faculty approval) for supervised work experience.

FCS Education Suggested Sequence 2014