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Interior Design

Admission to Interior Design minor is competitive and limited to 5 students per year.

Open only by permission.  Students completing this minor must receive C or better in all program-required courses.  Scroll down to download the application.

The 25 credit hour curriculum is designed to be a valuable supplement for many disciplines including-

  • Architecture majors will find this minor extremely beneficial when applying for internship or full time positions as many architectural firms in the country have Interior Design Division. Also Interior Design is a natural compliment to Architecture. 

For architecture majors, CAP 162 will substitute for FCSID 101, ARCH 261 will substitute FCSID 111 and ARCH 201 will substitute for FCSID 222. 

  • Landscape Architecture majors may benefit from learning about the use of interior space when considering interior "plantscaping" for large enclosed spaces such as malls or office buildings.
  • Construction Management majors may benefit through better understanding of aesthetics and space planning.
  • Journalism majors with an interest in writing for interior design or architectural journals and magazines can become better informed writers.
  • Theater majors with an interest in technical theater and stage design may find a minor in interior design to be a natural complement to their degree program.
  • Fine Arts majors may find a minor in interior design, with its emphasis on aesthetics and the placement of objects such as paintings and sculptures within an interior environment, a beneficial supplement to their artistic pursuits.

If you are interested in applying for a minor in interior design, fill out the application form, which includes a brief written statement explaining how you feel the minor will enhance your degree.

Interior Design Minor
Core: 16 hours, Electives: 9 hours

FCSID 100 Introduction to I D  3
FCSID 101  Rapid Visulaization 3
FCSID 110  Design Fundamentals 3
FCSID 111  Graph Communication 1 3
FCSID 115  Interior Materials and Applications 3
FCSID 222 I D Studio 1 3
Select 9 Hours from
the following courses:

FCSID 112 Design Presentation Techniques 3
FCSID 210 Theory History 1 3
FCSID 211 Graph Communication 2 3
FCSID 221 Graph Communication 3 3
FCSID 224 I D Studio 2 (3) 3
FCSID 225 Theory History 2 (3) 3
FCSID 261 Universal Design 3


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