Jill Coleman

Associate Professor

CL 426m  Phone: 765-285-1172  

Department of Geography
Cooper Life Science Building
Room CL 425
Muncie, IN 47306


Jill Coleman is an associate professor of geography specializing in atmospheric science and applied geography. Her current research interests include the areas of synoptic climatology and hydroclimatic variability, particularly the relationship between atmospheric teleconnections (e.g., the Southern Oscillation) and Midwest flood/drought patterns. She also investigates topics in the areas of human biometeorology, tropical cyclone climatology and atmospheric hazards. She frequently teaches several introductory and advanced meteorology courses as well as the introductory quantitative methods course for geography majors.


  • PhD     The Ohio State University (Geography-Climatology)
  • MA      The Ohio State University (Geography-Climatology)
  • BA       University of Missouri-Columbia (Geography)

Selected Publications:

Coleman, J. S. M. and D. Budikova, 2010: Atmospheric aspects of the 2008 Midwest floods: A
repeat of 1993? Int. J. Climatol., 30, 1645-1667. doi: 10.1002/joc.2009.

Budikova, D., J. S. M. Coleman, S. Strope, and A. Austin, 2010: Hydroclimatology of the 2008
summer Midwest floods. Water Resources Research, 46, W12524,

Coleman, J. S. M., 2010: The human mortality response to synoptic scale atmospheric circulation
changes in the transitional seasons. The Professional Geographer, 60, 190-206.

Coleman, J. S. M. and J. C. Rogers, 2007: The synoptic climatology of the central United States
and linkages to Pacific teleconnection indices. J. Climate, 20, 3485-3497.

Coleman, J. S. M. and J. C. Rogers, 2003: Ohio River Valley winter moisture conditions
associated with the Pacific/North American teleconnection pattern. J. Climate,
16, 969-981.

Coleman, J. S. M., K. D. Newby, K. D. Multon, and C. L. Taylor, 2014: Weathering the storm:
Revisiting severe weather phobia. Bull. Amer. Meteorol. Soc., 95, 1179-1183.

Coleman, J. S. M. and D. Budikova, 2013: Eastern U.S. summer streamflow during extreme
phases of the North Atlantic Oscillation. J. Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 118,
4181-4193.  doi: 10.1002/jgrd.50326