Our department offers several scholarships for students earning their bachelor’s degrees as well as employment in our department. In addition, the university also has a list of scholarships that we encourage you to look at for other sources of funding.

These are the scholarships offered in our department:
  • Cooper Award: To be eligible for this award, you shall use neither tobacco nor alcohol in any form, nor any illegal drug, and shall be of good moral character. The selection for the award is to be made on quality of person rather than financial need or scholastic ability. Funding available for this award is $300 per student.
  • Hurlburt-Leak Award: This award is based off of your grade point average (GPA). When possible, we try to give out awards for each option. It is also based on your service to the department.
  • David L. Odom and James Fidler (for meteorology and climatology students): Students will be selected by members of the meteorology and climatology option.
  • Outstanding Service: Students are selected by faculty for their service to the department.
  • Outstanding Graduating Senior: A senior who has given service to the department will receive this award.
  • Outstanding Graduate from Each Option: A faculty member will nominate a student who has achieved academically and has been an asset to the department.
  • Rotthas Award for International Studies: You must be a geography major or minor and have three references from faculty members. First priority will go to students participating in the London Centre and second priority will be to any student in an international program.