We offer study abroad and field study opportunities during the summer. We go to several different areas in Indiana to observe and examine things like a rock exposure and mollusks. 
Our summer field camp course provides an immersive experience in the physiography, resources, and general geologic relationships of the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains regions of South Dakota, northern Wyoming, southern Montana, western Utah and Northern Colorado. Points of geologic interest include Badlands National Park; Black Hills mining regions; Bighorn, Beartooth, and Teton mountains; Jewel Cave, and Mt Rushmore National Monuments, and Fossil Butte, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Arches, and Yellowstone National Parks.

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Here is some information from the Summer 2008 field camp:
GEOL 450/550
Geology of Indiana
Reference Number for GEOL 450 - 19725
Reference Number for GEOL 550 - 19733
3 credit hours

July 21-25, 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Fee: Tuition plus $45 transportation fee, daily quizzes, fossil collection, three geologic map projects, graduate credit paper.

July 21
Bedrock and glacial geology of east-central Indiana (Delaware and Madison Counties). Classroom study of Indiana geologic history, maps and cross-sections. Field trip to a local quarry and Pendleton falls. Construct a cross-section drawing.
July 22
Ordovician paleontology and stratigraphy of the Richmond-Brookville region Collect and identify abundant brachiopods, bryozoans, corals, mollusks, trilobites, and echinoderms.
July 23
Geology of the Silurian reefs in the vicinity of Wabash, IN Collect fossils and draw a cross-section diagram of the reef exposure. Visit another nearby reef.
July 24
Carboniferous (Mississippian – Pennsylvanian) geology of western Indiana Examine a rock exposure, collect plant fossils and draw a cross-section map. A side trip to Cataract Falls
July 25
Falls of the Ohio and Lost River Look for geodes near Bloomington.
Instructor: Charles Betz, instructor of geology

Second Summer 2008
GEOL 480/580, Section 001U
Indiana Landscapes Field Tour
Reference Number for GEOL 480 -19368
Reference Number for GEOL 580 -19385
3 credit hours

June 16-20

Fee: Tuition plus an additional trip fee of $240 for camping, meals, admissions, and transportation.

Scope: The one-week field class will travel a loop through Indiana and northern Illinois, camping each night. Our focus will be on earth surface processes and landforms, including river features, karst, wind and shoreline processes, weathering and seepage features in limestone and sandstone terrain. We'll be doing lots of hiking and a day of canoeing. Grading is based on participation and a field notebook with short written assignments.

June 16
Driftwood River Canoeing, Columbus (Bedford area)
June 17
Blue Springs Cavern Trip and McCormick's Creek Hikes
June 18
Shades Canyon Hikes and Arrive Starved Rock, Overview Hike
June 19
Starved Rock Canyon Hikes, Arrive Indiana Dunes, Sunset Hike
June 20
Indiana Dunes Hike, Drive to Muncie

Instructor: Dr. Scott Rice-Snow, professor of geology

Second Summer 2008
GEOL 480/580
I-STEM - Building on Geology and
Environmental Concepts Teacher Workshop
3 credit hours

July 7-18, 2008 (last two weeks of 2nd summer session) 1:00-5:00 daily

Scope: A concept-based and standard-based professional development workshop for K-8 teachers. Observation, data collection, and data analysis will allow teachers to reflect and engage in topics of collaborative problem-solving. The course will focus on major global concern including- utility of rocks and minerals in society, earth history and relationship to life's evolution, geologic hazards, and timely topics on mineral/fossil fuels depletion, global warming, and geology's relationship to health. Some internet/online-based assignments/projects and one day local field trip. Assessment based upon attendance, participation, and satisfactory completion of assigned projects.

Instructor: Eva Weng and Chuck Betz, instructors of geology