If you enjoy seeing new places, exploring the outdoors, figuring out the way things work, and applying your skills and modern technology to work on scientific projects, you are well-suited for a career in geology.

Ball State graduates work in companies involved in environmental and engineering geology, hydrogeology and groundwater protection, and energy resource exploration and development. Graduates also found employment in state and national governmental agencies. They are protecting natural resources, providing expert advice to communities, and building a broad and deep understanding of the land and ocean areas they oversee. Whatever they choose, they have very few problems finding a job.

If you plan to teach, have an interest in the sciences, enjoy topics with clear real-world applications and want to make a difference in our use of the planet, then you should consider working in earth science education. Our alumni who are earth science educators at primary, secondary, college, and university levels help students to see the way the planet works, reach out to the public for better understanding of the natural world, and perform research to investigate remaining mysteries of the earth (and other planets).

Over the past decade, more than half of our graduates have been accepted into graduate schools including Utah, Montana State, Washington State, Clemson, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, RPI, Northern Illinois, Cincinnati, Brown, and Ball State.