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Transfer and Extension Work

If you want to transfer any graduate work completed at another institution and receive credit toward your degree, you’ll need to ensure the work satisfies specific Graduate School policies including being completed at a regionally accredited institution. If you are pursuing a master’s degree that requires 44 hours or less, you may transfer up to nine semester hours. If your master’s degree requires 45 or more hours, you may transfer up to 15 hours. If you seek a specialist degree, you may transfer up to six semester hours, and if you are a doctoral student you must complete 48 semester hours of the required 90 hours at Ball State. Certain departments may have more restrictive rules that take precedence. Other rules apply including:

  • You’ll need to complete your degree’s research requirement at Ball State.
  • You can transfer credit hours—but not grades—for courses in which you earned a B or better.
  • You cannot transfer credit hours for courses with credit/no-credit or pass/fail options unless your academic department approves.
  • You cannot transfer credit hours for correspondence courses.
  • You must complete all work for master’s and specialist degrees within the six-year time limit.