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Application Checklist

Perhaps you identified a program and you would like to apply.  Generally, applications may be due in the winter to start the following fall.  For example, if you submitted an application due in January, you are looking to start classes in August or September of the same year.

While all applications differ, these are some components that may be required.  You may need to submit your application to two or three different offices within the same institution.  Some kind of in-person interview or presentation may be required as well.  Each program and institution should provide detailed instructions on how to submit an application.  Always review relevant web sites before submitting questions to program faculty and administrators.

Completing applications can be an exciting process!  You are on your way to your graduate education!  But remember, you do not need to rush, and if you do hurry through the application process, you may make mistakes that hinder your acceptance to the program.  Admission decisions may take several weeks or months after you submit your application.  Be patient.

Commonly required components:

  • Official transcripts
  • Resume or C.V.
  • Statement of purpose
  • Application fee
  • Test scores
  • Recommendation letters

Here are some questions you may want to consider as you apply to graduate programs.

Questions about your own application:

  • Have you proofread all application materials?
  • Does your resume or C.V. reflect your experiences? Is it up to date?
  • Have you double checked all spelling?
  • Have you double checked the addresses before mailing or emailing your application?

Questions about the program's application process:

  • When are applications due?
  • Are applications submitted as a complete packet, or can you submit different pieces at different times?
  • Are applications online or by mail?
  • Have you fulfilled all the application requirements?