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Personal Assessment

Graduate education should fill a void in your life and not a void in time.

You have some homework to do before taking any graduate classes.  Graduate education requires focus, enthusiasm, and attention to detail.  You should consider how a graduate education will take you to where you would like to go.  Talk to people who have jobs that you find matches well with your own goals and aspirations.  Make an honest evaluation of your strengths, both professionally and personally. 

Here are some questions you may want to consider when weighing your graduate school options.

The Introspective Questions:

  • Why do I want to attend graduate school?
  • Do I have the motivation for another two to seven years of school?
  • Am I the type of person who wants to be in school?

The Practical Questions:

  • Am I willing to pay attention to details and put in extra hours to study and prepare?
  • To which specific programs should I apply?
  • Can I afford tuition, living expenses, housing, and books?
  • Will I be able to attend class every day?

The End Goal Questions:

  • Can I achieve my goals with a master's or do I need a doctorate?
  • Will this degree take me where I want to go?
  • How will the graduate degree shape and advance my interests?