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How the Graduate School Processes Applications

Here’s the system the Graduate School uses to evaluate prospective students.

  • All applications and transcripts are entered into a database and copies are sent to the appropriate departments to alert you about prospective applicants. 
  • Admission specialists match transcripts and test scores with applications, and evaluate transcripts for accreditation, official status, beginning and ending dates, grade-point average, etc. Transcripts are scanned for deposit on Graduate School server by department.
  • Specialists then forward the original documents and application fee to the Bursar’s office, which determines residency. 
  • The school also sends acknowledgment letters with requests for additional material to licensing and non-degree applicants. 
  • When the Graduate School has evaluated all paperwork, you as a department advisor receives a clearance to evaluate the applicant. 
  • After you decide whether to admit the prospective student, your department shares the decision with the Graduate School and the school sends a letter to the applicant.

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