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Checklist for Doctoral Students

Follow these steps to complete your doctoral degree: 

  • Within one year of beginning your doctoral course work, you’ll need to establish a doctoral committee of graduate faculty members who will help guide your studies and submit your approved plan of study to the doctoral program director and dean of the Graduate School. 
  • If required, complete the foreign language exam by the time you have completed about half of your doctoral course work. 
  • Complete comprehensive exams
  • Submit a proposal for your dissertation to your doctoral committee and the dean of the Graduate School. 
  • Apply to your doctoral committee and the dean of the Graduate School for admission to candidacy. To make your application, you’ll need to have completed at least 30 graduate credit hours at Ball State, passed your comprehensive exams, and submitted an approved plan for your proposed dissertation. 
  • Apply for graduation.  
  • Complete your oral defense of your dissertation with your doctoral committee at least four weeks before you plan to graduate. 
  • Submit your final dissertation and forms to the dean of the Graduate School and your doctoral program director.

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