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DP 3: Admission to Student Teaching

Teacher Education Decision Point 3: Admission to Student Teaching 

(Needed for admission into student teaching--You must pass DP3 requirements in all 3 of your chosen areas)

(A) Completion of Writing Competency Test.

(B) Overall GPA of at least 3.0 in at least 93 credit hours and an overall GPA in history classes of 2.50 or better in at least 18 of the required 27 hours of history classes.

(C) Within 9 hours of completion in content courses.

(D) GPA of at least 2.50 in content area and sub-areas.

(E) Successful Completion of Disposition Assessment in SS 395 (beginning spring 2007).

(F) Successful Completion of Portfolio Assessment in EDSE 380/EDJH 385.(beginning fall 2006).

(G) Completion of SS 350, SS 395, EDSE 380, EDJH 385 with a C or better.


  1. All Economics courses completed with at least a 2.50 GPA. While the final two courses after 201, 202, and 301 are elective, the Department strongly recommends that students take 302 as one of the two electives to enhance preparation for the exam mentioned in the next point. 
  2. Economics content area exam passed with at least a 70%.  Contact Dr. Liu at the beginning of the semester during which you plan to take the exam to schedule and examination date.
  3. Meet with Economics content area advisor for review of artifacts from all Economics courses. See the following description of what you need to prepare for this review:

Artifacts Requirements for Decision Point 3 in Economics:

Choose one subject in microeconomics and one subject in macroeconomics. For each subject, students need to complete the following items.

  1. Define the subject that you choose.
  2. What have you learned from this subject?
  3. How are you going to teach high school students on this subject? Prepare teaching materials for one week (one hour each day).
  4. What are the examples and exercises that you want to include in your teaching?
  5. How do you assess students' performance?


  1. All Geography courses completed with at least a 2.50 GPA.
  2. Geography content area exam passed with at least a 75%.
  3. Meet with Geography content area advisor for review of artifacts from all 5 Geography courses.

Political Science

  1. All Political Science courses completed with at least a 2.50 GPA.
  2. Political Science content area exam passed with at least a 70%.
  3. Meet with Political Science content area advisor for review of artifacts from all 5 Political Science courses.


1. Passage of the Decision Point 3 Historical Perspectives Exam. This will include
not only questions based upon core requirement courses (as in the Decision Point 2 exam) but also questions that are document-based, assessing analytical skills developed in 300/400-level courses to that point in which the student integrates inter¬≠pretation of the documents and knowledge of the period referred to in the question.  Students will have only THREE opportunities to achieve the necessary passing score of 70%.

2.  Satisfactory review of a student's electronic portfolio by faculty members in the Department of History.  The Department focuses its review of reflective statements, rationales, and performance based artifacts that are tied to INTASC Principle #1 and 7.  Specific requirements for the DP 3 history portfolio will be provided in SS 395.

Also note that you are required at Decision Point 3 to have an artifact in your portfolio for seven of the ten INTASC principles (not seven total artifacts). Even though you will have multiple artifacts in Social Studies for INTASC 1 and 7, you still need artifacts for five other principles. Also, you are required to have updated reflective statements for all ten INTASC principles. 
Notify via email the Director of Social Studies Education when you are ready for the review to be conducted, providing your URL: Dr. Sarah Drake Brown, Director of Social Studies Education, Department of History sedrakebrown@bsu.edu


As noted above, the DP2 summative evaluation is diagnostic; the DP3 exam must be passed with a specific score. Each will be administered each semester as determined by the Department of History.  Social Studies Teaching Majors will have THREE opportunities to pass the DP3 exam. Those students who do not so will NOT be certified by the Department of History as having satisfied content requirements as specified by the student's licensure area in History.


  1. All Psychology courses completed with at least a 2.50 GPA OR all but PSYCH 494 with favorable narrative evaluation.
  2. Digital portfolio review of all Psychology artifacts.
  3. Essay on role of psychology in high school.
  4. Paper critiquing popular print medium

For information on the psychology portfolio, click here.


  1. All Sociology courses completed with at least a 2.50 GPA. Students may be enrolled in their final sociology class(es) at the time of the DP3 portfolio review.
  2. Sociology content area exam passed with at least a 75%.
  3. The completed portfolio  is submitted to the content area advisor for review of artifacts and rationale statements from Sociology courses. Students must have a minimum of 4 artifacts and rationale statements from at least 3 sociology classes to pass the DP3 portfolio review and to establish eligibility for student teaching.  Students are expected to incorporate sociology into their DP 3 reflective statement.
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