What university core classes do honors courses take the place of?

  • In Ball State's new core curriculum, beyond the Foundation courses the requirements are divided by Tier (level) and Domain (area).
  • Honors requirements are not met by departmental classes, even if offered specifically for honors students. Honors requirements are met only by courses with the HONRS prefix.
  • Tier 1 represents the transformation of experience and information into knowledge.
    • Two honors courses (Honors 189, Honors 201) may replace a Tier 1 Domain requirement in social sciences and in humanities, respectively.
  • Tier 2 represents the transformation of knowledge into judgment.
    • Honors courses (Honors 199, 202, 203, and 296 or 297 or 298) may replace Tier 2 requirements in social sciences, humanities, fine arts, and science, respectively.
    • Some majors require specific courses in the Tier 2 domains, so you may fulfill this requirement more than once.
  • Most honors students also have exemptions from other core courses (Tier 1 Foundation courses) by virtue of Advance Placement (AP) or IB credit, because of high test scores, or by portfolio assessment.
  • Tier 3 represents the transformation of judgement into action.
    • Your senior capstone project in your major will likely meet this requirement. You may take that courses as your departmental course or as HONRS 499 (which is usual).
  • There are “honors” versions of two other core courses, but the Honors College does not require them.
    • ENG 114 may replace ENG 104; COMM 210H may replace COMM 210.  If you have not already received advanced standing credit for one of these classes, you may elect either the standard version of the course or the honors version.
  • Refer to the Advising Handbook or your Honors College Advisor if you have additional questions or concerns.