The Honors College is not like your high school honor society. It's a college at Ball State with its own curriculum, admission policies and procedures, requirements for graduation, administration, advisors, residence halls for freshmen, scholarships, and so on. Ball State's Honors College is the most comprehensive honors college in Indiana.

The basic idea of the Honors College, like most honors programs and colleges at public universities, is to make it possible for you to have a small-college, liberal arts learning and living experience backed up by the resources of a large institution.

The academic part of the Honors College consists of small classes engaged in multi- or interdisciplinary studies that emphasize student learning in a supportive environment. Our goal is to make you the author of your own story--to put you in control of your educational experience while providing you with a place, the resources, and the guidance to make good decisions.

Unlike at most other honors programs and colleges, though, honors courses at Ball State are not borrowed from departments. They are created in the Honors College. You all take the same honors core (six courses) and a selection of honors colloquiums (two) that are specifically designed for the Honors College.

As a comprehensive college, the Honors College can provide numerous opportunities, resources, and benefits to you while you are an honors student. As a college, we can act with some speed and agility to address problems and can often cut through paperwork.