Before graduating, Honors College students must complete two honors colloquia (HONR 390), which are small, discussion-oriented classes taken in the sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Approximately 60 such classes will be available during your time at Ball State. Colloquia are offered by a number of departments and by faculty from a number of departments. Most are offered as 3 credit courses, but some earn 1 or 2 credits. Some colloquia are offered every year; others are offered only once or twice.

Colloquium topics in recent years include:

  • The Roosevelts  
  • Dragons, Wizards, and Unicorns: Journeys in Fantasy Literature
  • Remembering The Holocaust
  • Jane Austen
  • Controversial Issues in Education
  • The Civil War in U.S. Memory
  • Language and Ecology
  • Dangerous Ideas
  • Games and Museums
  • Sustainability in Science Fiction
  • The Shape of Space
  • Reality Television
  • Film, Narrative, and American Culture
  • American Communal Utopias
  • Chaos Theory and Fractals