Honors Diversity Courses

Honors College students must take both of the following courses: 

The global studies symposium emphasizes non-European cultures from various perspectives such as economics, history, politics, or creative endeavors (art, literature, music, film).  The precise content of each offering varies depending upon the teaching faculty member, who will come from various disciplines to explore cultures such as those of Asia, Africa, or Central or South America.

The contemporary civilization symposium deals with current issues in American culture, such as poverty, race, and gender, and often emphasizes the family in modern America; several varieties of this class are offered.  Approaches include the structure and experiences of ordinary American families, study of famous American families such as the Kennedys and Rockefellers, the ways that ethnic identity affects definitions of family, and the various concepts of home and the relationship of home to family.  If possible, you should take this course during your freshman year.