For nearly five decades, the humanities sequence has been fundamental to honors work at Ball State. Honors College students must take all three of the following courses:

Taught by faculty from a wide range of departments (such as architecture, classics, English, history, and modern languages), the humanities sequence lies at the heart of the Honors curriculum. These courses explore the continuing themes and great ideas of Western civilization through literature, music, and the arts. The courses include class discussion, journals, essays, and creative projects. Faculty members who teach the first class in the sequence will teach all three classes in the sequence, so students may choose to continue with the same instructor for three semesters.

Freshmen who have 6 credits of English exemption (English composition classes, ENG 103 and ENG 104) may begin this sequence in the fall semester of their first year. Freshmen with 3 credits of English exemption may begin the sequence in the spring semester of their first year if they completed ENG 104 (or ENG 114) in the fall. In any case, you should start the sequence before the end of three semesters in residence.