Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions students ask about the senior honors thesis/creative project.

Course Credit
When should I sign up for HONR 499: Senior Honors Project?
Will HONR 499 count toward my major or minor?
What if a thesis or creative project is required for my major?
What if I’m in departmental honors?
What if I don't finish in a semester?

Project Topics
How do I find a topic?
Is it “legal” to rework an old paper or project?
May I collaborate with another student?

Advisor Options
How do I find an advisor?
May I work with more than one advisor?
How often will I meet with my advisor?
What if I want to change advisors?

Printed Guide
Copies of the full Guide to the Senior Honors Thesis/Creative Project are available in the Ball Honors House. Combined with your appointment with the dean, this paper guide should answer all your questions, provide you with all the forms you need, and greatly assist you in completing your project.