What if a thesis or creative project is required for my major?

Departmental requirements within a student’s major area of study may call for a thesis or creative project comparable to what the Honors College expects of its students. If so, you may use that project to fulfill your Honors Senior Thesis requirement, but you still must submit a proposal to the Honors College and a copy of the final product, just as for any thesis or project.

Occasionally, students in other programs also find themselves needing to sign up for a thesis course with the prefix of their major department. This situation sometimes occurs, for example, with art majors who are preparing a senior exhibit or with music majors planning a senior recital.

If this happens to you, when you schedule your appointment with the Honors College dean or associate dean to discuss the nature or scope of your project, clarify what you will submit to the Honors College, and make sure the substitution has been approved and recorded. Also, note the relevant course number and your advisor’s name on your thesis proposal so you can receive credit for having completed HONRS 499.